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(License details updated on 1 APR 2020)

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pricing FAQ

No! You have to pay only $29/year for renewal in this case. Renewal price is different for each license type, mentioned in the list above.

That depends on your requirement. However, we recommend to go for Colossal License as this license have most of the required options. And beside this is the most selling license we have and fulfill all requirements of a small-medium size library.

There is no difference at all. You can pay using any payment method depends on the available payment source.

Yes you can. We know some of the organizations can not pay through Card or Paypal. In that case you can pay via international bank transfer(Wire Transfer). After making the payment please email to us with the reference number to and mention the payment details. To get our official bank account details email us to

We send you serial key within 1 hour of online payment and after payment received if send through Cheque and Online transfer. We send you serial key and download link via email. In case of free hardware we dispatch within 1 working day after payment confirmation.

Yes you can, we are proudly serving many government organization already.