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We care and are determined to offer our clients the best execution according to goal setting and expectation mapping.


We push the technology threshold every day! We strive to provide a result oriented and cost-effective business solution to our clients.

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We design, develop and support various aspects of IT. We provide/develop customized software according to our client’s requirements.

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1Mobile Application Development

In modern day, technology is not limited and mobile applications have gained a significant recognition. We build cross-platform applications that take the client’s business to the next level. Our developers are highly creative and are capable enough to design and develop mobile apps that meet our client’s unique business needs.

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2Desktop Application Development

We offer sustainable platform based desktop app development services to our clients to help turn their vision into reality. The applications can run offline and independently, irrespective of internet or any web browser, providing a competitive edge in the growing market.

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3Web Application Development

Our Web-Application developers are skilled and are capable of designing, developing and deploying projects that meet the needs of our clients. They develop customized web applications that are efficient and user-friendly. We focus on how to provide solutions that help our clients to achieve their business goals effectively; along with providing services that are powerful and promises a positive result.

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4Custom Software Development

From simple to complex systems, our developers can build and develop custom software solutions faster. Our designing process is creative, detailed and flexible. We help transform your vision into reality. While developing the idea, we give more attention to detailing which allows us to catch errors and allows us to make the necessary changes and even add certain new features if required for an improved outcome.

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5Offshore Product

In today’s business, to reap the benefits of exceptional profit, one must make OPD an inbuilt element of their business processing. It allows an organization to focus on their development and marketing strategies, which is absolutely critical for an organization’s success; while the third party takes care of your development tasks.

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What is CodeAchi? Who are we?

A name plays an enormous role in a brand’s growth and impression; it can either integrate or annihilate the company’s image in the business market. The term “CodeAchi” was chosen by its founder, Mr. Malakar. It’s a combination of two English words CODE & ACHIEVE. He fiercely believes that anything can be ACHIEVED if one believes in CODING.

Society nowadays are part of the economy and are immensely critical. When you allocate CodeAchi for a grind, we turn your invaluable ideas into reality. We pride ourselves in powering businesses with relentless innovation in technologies, approaches and processes.

The competitive environment puts great onus on us to ensure that our programs are of outstanding quality. Dream IT. Believe IT. Achieve IT. CodeAchi is dedicated to improve the agility and scalability of our clients’ businesses because technology can do amazing things and we make IT happen!!

Why CodeAchi? Why choose us?

    We are determined to offer you, our valued customer, not only exceptional quality with regards to our products but we are also able to let you rest in the knowledge that you will be receiving the best service possible.
    We offer extremely competitive pricing on project continuity, given the high level of service we provide & offer corporate discounts based on frequency and volume.
    We care about our customers: your problems and needs are our problems and needs. We will devote ourselves to providing customized solutions that exceed your expectations and give your business an edge.

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