About Us

Our small introduction as a company

we as a company

CodeAchi was founded in 5th January 2012 with and the founders are Mr. Mantu Malakar and Mrs. Krishna Malakar. We follow some really basic and yet powerful principal to maintain the work culture and that is “We are team”. Not only our employees are the part of the team but our consumers are also the part of our team. Also we believe in transparency over every piece of information from quality to budget, and we are committed to keep this as it is.

We maintain our streamline protocol of “customer satisfaction” and all our actions are constructed on the basis of customer satisfaction. Our team of experts from different skills gives us the boast of being top notch team in our industry. We have skills that can fulfill demand of IT and Software for individual, Small, Medium and large business enterprises. We are truly an example of being one company with many diversity of skills. We are very happy that we have been recognized by many international Software suggesting platforms as their top in the list in just 8 years!

We have both digital products and services which can boost your business with a fair margin. Our expert team can suggest you the best and suitable management and business solutions. We are committed to provide you the best solution and we continuously working to upgrade our product and service architecture with latest technology so you stay ahead of your competitor.

reason to choose us

Transparent Pricing

There is nothing hidden in if and but, all are transparent

Dedicated Support

Each customer is important for us, so we put our best into dedicated customer support

Experts in multiple skill

We have industry experts working in-house to ensure best quality output

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are confident about our products and services and we ensure your satisfaction.

Easy and simple implementation

Our expert makes your applications easy and simple so you love to use them.

Top Priority in Data Security

Our priority always to safe your data and we maintain strong data security policy.

Trusted by thousands

We are trusted by more than ten thousand organization for their software solution

High Return on investment

When you invest in us, you get the highest return in service and also in asset.

Error and Bug free Products and Services

Our solutions are mostly bug and error free as we update them regularly.

Our Achievements

We at a glance

The brand name CodeAchi is adjoined of two English words ‘Code’ and ‘Achieve’. In our company we use computer understood language codes to achieve software solution for a real-life problem and we love our job. We are proud of giving life to the machines (Virtually) and making IT happen for the better world. Technology can play a major role in how you do your business and including IT into your solutions can be the best decisions you can ever make.

• Founded on 5th January 2012 (Founder Mr. Mantu Malakar & Mrs. Krishna Malakar)
• Become Pvt Ltd on 16th October 2015
• Launched our First product on 15th December 2015
• Become ISO 9001:2015 Certified on 17th January 2018
• Last AGM held on 9th November 2019
• Last Product Launched 25th January 2020

CodeAchi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. started the journey on 5th January 2012 and got registered as a Pvt Ltd company in the year 2015 as well as ISO certified in 2018. Not just this but within a few years of business, we got the opportunity to serve awesome clients like you.

Founder & Chairman’s Message

Krishna Malakar

It has been a wonderful journey and it was very exciting to start a Software company with my son. As a chairman I take decisions for the top level solutions, however our company is full of talented young brains who are amazing on their work. We are proud of our team and members like resellers, agents who represents the company. A company is never for owner a company for everyone who associated with it with different prospective. It was a significant achievement when we celebrated the 5000th client and we believe we will grow faster if we get the support from the visitor like you! In the end, I promise CodeAchi will be ever transparent as it is and we will put our best to keep our clients updated with technology and digital products.

Co-Founder and Managing Director’s Message

Mantu Malakar

Entrepreneurship was challenging until we meet great peoples as team mates and clients. Seems like yesterday when we started planning and creating flow diagrams of our business and now it’s been 8 years and we are enjoying our ups and downs with the same attitude. I really want to thank all my team for taking their duty as their responsibility and this made us what we are today! Of course we still have many thing to do in the future, but future start from today and we are ready for the best future. We are proud for making IT happen by creating application with latest and updated technology so our client’s gets the best secure products and services from CodeAchi. Its feels great when people start recognize you from the work you do, and we are happy our products and service are being loved by our clients and also by the top international brands who assess products and services from their own organic prospective. At the last I would like to thank you for visiting our website, and we are hopeful to start working with you and your organization and resolve the problems you may be facing due to software technology.

Marketing Director’s Message

Frank Birch

I have seen an exponential growth of the company after launching our software product in 2015. And it was great experience working with clients of Europe and other part of the world. It was a challenge to first create greater quality product and challenge was even tough when we create product for international client. CodeAchi has gain significant reputation in UK and Europe from last 4 years and it was a wonderful journey so far. Currently we are serving many top organizations and fulfilling their all software requirement. Our Research and Development team is the heart of our organization, and they are very smart on choosing the right technology for right requirements. As a Marketing Director, I believe you can make fortune when you have the quality in your product and you are taking the reasonable price, luckily CodeAchi has it all.

Managing Partner’s Message

Charlie Sarson

You become a brand when people talk about you even without associating with you. This is what happening when people looking for management solutions for different industry. CodeAchi have range of quality management products for different industry that can help prospective industry and resolve many technical issues.

General Manger’s Message

Sourav Chandra

Our expertise in software has made us one of the global leader in Management Software Solutions and we are very much aware of the responsibility of being the global leader. CodeAchi is 24×7 available to ensure we present when our clients’ needs us. As a general manager I am responsible for timeline, quality and budget for each project we do, each product we develop. I put my level best to ensure everything gets done as per the plan and blue print we create during project meetings. In CodeAchi, our work-culture has made me so comfortable to do my job with best expected output. Experience do not comes with age but the situations you face, and CodeAchi has made me strong by putting me into various challenges and it was really an amazing journey all together. Working with international client was so interesting, and it changed my views of global relations and this all was possible due to the opportunity I got in CodeAchi. “I am available” – this would be the message for all CodeAchi clients.

Join the future, and make IT happen!