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Our services are focused on providing digital solutions to the business and individuals. We understand your need and our expertise and we have plenty of services that you can take benefit for you and your business. When you chose us for your projects be sure about the quality and the timeline that will be delivered.

Feel free to contact our team and share your requirement to get the best solution. Here are the steps we follow to deliver you the best output for your project: Requirement gathering -> Requirement analysis -> Proposing project idea -> Provide you estimation -> Agreement -> Design, Development and Implementation of the project -> Quality Testing -> Delivery.

Here is the list of services we provide on-demand:

custom software development

If your business needs some unique demand of software solutions and there is no available product which can fulfill your requirements then you can take our Custom Software Development service. We have experts who can understand your demand and suggest you the best technologies. We work as a team and keep a continuous communication in order to deliver the best output from your software solution. Yes, everything is possible, you just need the required time and budget for your software solution.

In custom software solution we create a bespoke solution for desktop, mobile, web and cloud. There are many possibilities, share your project idea with us and get it done! No worry, our privacy policy makes sure your project idea stay safe and secure and never gets shared with anyone.

  • desktop software
  • mobile application
  • web based application
  • cloud application
What is Desktop Application?Desktop applications are those applications which run in your local computer and do not require a web server to run the application.

We create desktop application for Windows and Mac. If you have requirements for desktop application then contact us.

We first understand and give you an estimate of the work.

What is Mobile application? The application which runs on a Mobile phone called mobile application. We design and develop an application for android, iPhone, both native and hybrid.

What is Web-based application? If an application designed to run in a web-server is known as web-based application. We design and develop an application for both Windows and Linux based web servers.

What is cloud application? If an application run in cloud and designed it for cloud infrastructure, it is called cloud application.
We design applications for Azure, AWS, google cloud and Digital Ocean, etc.

website development

The digital showroom for any business is now commonly known as Website. The process of building, creating and maintaining this digital showroom is what we call as Website/Web Development.
This development is possible because of Web Developers, who use different coding languages to give the users a seamless experience.

  • small business website
  • portfolio website
  • corporate website
  • e-commerce development
  • shopping cart development
  • cms development

When the whole world is getting digitized, why prefer the old methods to market your business? It’s a myth that only big businesses need a website. We at CodeAchi have helped many small businesses to grow into a bigger one. When you are starting your small dream take our help and jump to your goal a step closer.

To get the right way of modern-day marketing and reachability we have the right team to help you out in setting up your first step and get a boom in your path within minimal time and cost. Be more productive, find your target audience, build your credibility, get that competitive advantage and be sure to grow. Our team will help you understand how to stand out and climb up the stairs of success. What you have to do is just give us a call or text us.

Portfolio Website is just a company’s/ freelancers resume that can be presented to get more clients.
How can that be possible? We will help you to showcase your work in a unique way so that others can know about it.

Without even contacting the customers in person many businesses have had the opportunity to land into more clients and CodeAchi has a unique way of doing it for which our clients are satisfied and even refer others too. Our research, innovation and impressive design have helped many businesses to get numerous clients to date.

A Corporate Website is the face of the company that helps in representing itself to the whole world. Since it is the most integral part and speaks about the company’s works so, it requires the right amount of research and to understand the company’s goal.

At CodeAchi, the team helps you to hit the bull’s eye and eyeing the particulars that the website will contribute to the company. We understand how to have an impressive site as well as how users perceive the site as a measure of service and quality of your company. You just invest once with us and we help you get a permanent and healthy solution with no ‘IFS’ and ‘BUTS’.

A Corporate Website is the face of the company that helps in representing itself to the whole world. Since it is the most integral part and speaks about the company’s works so, it requires the right amount of research as well as to understand the company’s goals.

At CodeAchi, the team helps you to hit the bull’s eye as well as eyeing the particulars that the website will contribute to the company. We understand how to have an impressive site as well as how users perceive the site as a measure of service and quality of your company.

A Shopping Cart is basically a digital trolly where you can keep the items you want to buy while online shopping and the building of it is what we call as Shopping Cart Developement.

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digital marketing solution

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  • social media market
  • seo
  • ppc management service
  • local seo
  • content marketing
  • website speed up service

A market is where buyers and sellers come together similarly, a Social Media Market is the online or the digital platform where one can engage the customers for the products/services it has to offer.

Having a website is not enough for a business it needs all the necessary tools and elements so that it can grow and engage the right audience as well as increase its brand awareness, sales and can cater to the customer’s needs. We help you achieve that goal through the best of the team who can understand your business and create the virtual market you aim for.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization and is the art of increasing the website traffic, mostly to improve your visibility on the search engines.

What’s the use of having a website if customers can’t even see it while searching for the products/services that they are finding? No use right? Your business needs the right SEO so that users can trust you when your website some at the top of a search engine. We at CodeAchi have built the trust of our customers as well as the achieved to build the trust their customers too.

Pay-Per-Click Management Services is the full form of PPC Management Services.

When you advertise your products/services in social media you have to pay a hefty amount thus, in PPC Management you pay only when your ad is clicked on different social platforms. We help you advertise in the right place and suggest the best of options so that you pay only the required amount and in return get the maximum customers and skyrocket your business too.

Local SEO or local search engine marketing is to put up your local business online.

We help to put up your brick and mortar store online it the first step to put you up on the map. Just rely on us and your work will get done. We help you to get the local customers and well as customers looking for the local products at the time they are searching online.

Content Marketing is the strategy of building an everlasting relationship with your customers through the use of the right content.

Like we want to build a long relationship with you similarly, we aim to provide you with the right content marketing so that you can also build your relationship with your customers too. We have been trusted over the years now and have been happy to deliver smiles across the nation and overseas.

It is a complete waste of time and money if you have a website but it takes minutes to load a page. Customers would not want to visit the website as it becomes irritating.

Would you want to lose your customers just because your website pages didn’t load? No right. We have the solutions for all of these with the right speed your customers would be thrilled to visit your website more and more and even would show others how amazing your services are. This will help you to show how fast you are at work. Try our Website Speed-up Services.

logo and brand design

Logo is simply the arrangement of texts, images, symbols, and colors so that it makes a business or the products unique and makes your Brand stand out from the competitors. A brand reflects your business and your style so here we create styles for your business.

  • logo design
  • corporate identity design
  • brochure design

Logo design is just more than an image. It is a way through which people can recognize your brand just by seeing it. Logo reveals how recognized are you in the market.

Why should you trust us is what will tell you about our logo too. We have a dedicated team that will help you to garb attention, strong impression at first sight, separates you from the competitors as well as meets your customer’s expectations.

Corporate Identity Design is the complete visual package for a company/business that one can offer to its potential clients.
We at CodeAchi understand each business is different from another and its requirements are different too, according to the needs and styles we have created unique Corporate Identity over the years and met the client’s expectations too.

ABrochure is an online or paper document that represents the company’s products/services and in turn, attracts more customers.
Concentrating on the key points on designing a brochure we have excelled and keep in mind the uniqueness and for the target audience only.