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(License details updated on 10 Oct 2019)

Features Starter Lite Colossal Grand Jumbo
Free Support Service Free (1 Year) Extended On Renewal Free (1 Year) Extended On Renewal Free (1 Year) Extended On Renewal Full Priority (1 Year) Extended On Renewal Full Priority (1 Year) Extended On Renewal
Multiple Librarians

(LAN Support)

Report Generation
Barcode Inventory
Record Books Up to 2,000 Books Up to 12,000 Books Up to 25,000 Books Up to 50,000 Books Unlimited
Members(Borrower) Up to 1,500 Up to 2,000 Up to 10,000 Up to 15,000 Unlimited

(One Time Payment)

Renewal and Other Pricing DetailsRenewal and other pricing details

US $125.00 Only !
US $156.00
US $215.00 Only !
US $265.00
US $425.00 Only !
US $530.00
Recomended Version
US $635.00 Only !
US $795.00
US $1415.00 Only !
US $1765.00










Pricing FAQ

You only need to pay once for your software license of your choice. This price includes setup, implementation, Training, support charges for the first year.

No, you cannot upgrade your license. You have to purchase the required license again. So choose your license very carefully. If you have purchased a lower license by mistake, please contact us within 7 days to upgrade the license with the additional price.

It depends on your library size, however always go with greater license to avoid any re purchase in future. Price is one time so it will be an asset to your organization forever.

Yes we do, if you purchase 5 or more unit together you will get flat extra 10% off on your total bill. Please contact chat support for your secrate coupon code.

Yes that’s true, you only need to pay once for our software. Renewal is for free support, free update and discounted upgrade to higher license. Renewal price is very reasonable compared to any other library software, for Starter it is only $19/Year.

No, you need to pay renewal price only next year (i.e. $19 only) if you want to renew. Renew is optional and not mandatory.

We recommend you to renew as this is very reasonable. But, if you don’t renew, then you will not get free support, free update of software, and discounted upgrade to higher license. But, you can still be able to use your software.

Click on the link “Renewal and other pricing details” to get renewal price details. You can also able to see the price for the optional product.

We believe in transparency so we never hide our pricing details behind forms. There is no hidden cost with the software. Everything is mentioned in this page and also “Renewal and other pricing details” page. So, please check this two page carefully to get all pricing information.

Yes you can. Click in “buy now” and once the page is loaded, select your country from top right corner. This will select your country default currency and convert the price according to currency exchange rate. If you do not able to get local currency you can pay in USD or you can contact our chat support for custom payment currency link (Available on request).

You can use debit/ Credit cards, Also there is few more option can be available depending on your location. You can also pay using PayPal.

There is no big difference, only thing is you can get your serial key faster if you pay using fastpring (almost instantly), but if you choose to pay using PayPal this may take up to 1 working day before we can release your order.

Yes, you can claim it by contacting our chat or email support. Email us at . Please see our money back policy before purchasing the product. Here:

You can contact our chat support.Alternatively, you can write to us at